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  • Over 7.5 hours of rich video training

  • Organised into 7 video training modules

  • Instantly downloadable

  • The field's premier and most up-to-date home study system on the Meta Model, taught by a renowned master trainer, so you can create magical results, in just about any context

  • In depth training on the Michael Breen's elite Framing Tool

  • Video demonstrations of client sessions so you can look over Michael's shoulder

  • 'Director's Cut' expert analysis of client sessions so you can watch as every trick, technique and strategy is revealed

  • In depth reports and assignments

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    What Our Customers Say About 
    Language Guru Master The Meta Model

    "Language Guru - Mastering The Meta Model" is the best NLP / Coaching product available if you really want
    to learn and master the Meta Model. Michael explains THE fundamental model for getting results with NLP
    in a way that enables you to
    understand the big picture and
    how all the pieces of the 'jigsaw'
    fit together."

    Colin G Smith

    United Kingdom

    "The great thing about [Language Guru] is that it is always there for you to dip into whenever you need to check your understanding. Michael explains things so clearly, not just the individual bits of the meta-model but how all the pieces relate to each other and fit together. By the end of the [training] I had such a clear representation of the toolkit in my mind that when working with clients or talking with colleagues it is so easy to reach in and just grab the right question to get things moving in the desired direction."

    Ben Green

    United Kingdom

    "The Language Guru training is a very practical tool for learning the framing tool and reviewing the Meta Model creating new levels of performance in your coaching."

    Peter Buckworth


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