Getting On-Board With NLP

Discover the easiest and most up-to-date path to learn NLP the right way - so you can achieve more, and have more...

Perpetual Progress

Discover how masters of NLP develop new skills and continuously make progress with NLP year after year...

The Art & Skill Of Intervening

Learn the one skill that can double, triple and even quadruple your ability to create lasting change.

30 Days To Masterful NLP Anchoring

The Best-Selling Anchoring Training Program That Teaches You How To Anchor In ANY Sensory System & Everyday Contexts

Using NLP On Yourself

Discover The LIFE Tested Proven Ways To Using NLP On Yourself So You Can Get More Of The Life You Want ... TODAY!

Kickstart Your NLP

The Ridiculously Simple Way To Dramatically Increase Your NLP Skills Easily And Spontaneously!

Language Guru Milton Model

Learn How To Use The Milton Model Fluidly And Naturally With Customers, Colleagues, Friends And Clients.

Language Guru Beyond Sleight Of Mouth

Discover A Renowned Conversational Change System Used By World Class Communicators That Goes Beyond Sleight of Mouth

Language Guru Mastering The Meta Model

One Of The World's NLP Experts Reveals His Secret Blueprint & Toolkit For Masterfully Using The NLP Meta Model

Habit Hacking

Discover The Exact System Michael Breen Uses To Help His Clients Easily Break Bad Habits And Form Good Ones

Success Is A System

Michael Breen Reveals The Exact Step-by-step System To Transform Any Area Of Your Life In Just 5 Minutes A Day

The Lost Art Of Thinking For A Change

Discover How To Defend Yourself Against Your “Unconscious” Mind!

Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja

Finally! NLP Master Trainer Michael Breen Fills In The Gaps In Your NLP And Hypnosis Training

Learning Hypnosis In Depth

Discover The Secrets That Shows You How To Easily Hypnotize Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime! …Without Realizing It!

Storytelling's Golden Keys

NLP Master Trainer Perfects The Story Telling Formula Proven To Create Spellbinding Stories For Everyday Conversations

Coach Right

A Brilliant NEW Coaching System That Coaches Love... Because It Has Them Doing Less, While Earning More…

High Performance Coaching (Foundations)

What Great Coaches Actually Do Who Earn As Much As $10,000 Per Session And Enjoy A Long List of High Paying Clients

Get The Life You Want

Celebrity Coach Finally Reveals The Exact Strategies His Ultra Successful Clients Use To Amass More Success & Much More.

Task Decomposition

The Remarkable Strategy Superachievers Use To Turn Ideas, Goals and Dreams In To Reality Quickly And Easily

Creating Your Own NLP

Learn The Secret Strategy For Creating Your Own NLP So You Can Become A Recognised Expert & In Demand Change Agent...

Advanced NLP Skill Building Series

Learn Truly Advanced NLP Language Techniques That Go WAY Beyond Yes Sets, Embedded Commands & Stacked Presuppositions...

Purest Persuasion

Discover How To Radically Improve Your Persuasive Powers So You Can Elegantly And Rapidly Persuade & Influence Anyone

Sharpen Your Pitch

Discover The 5 Step Pitching Process, GUARANTEED To Help You Win More Business & Bigger Deals Than Ever Before

Startup Coaching, Training, & Consulting

Learn all the key business-building skills you need to start and build successful coaching, training or consultancy....

Modeling The Masters

Discover What It Really Takes To Succeed With NLP And How To Use It Really Well From The World’s Top NLP Master Trainers

Training Mastery

How To Design Trainings, Talks, Multiday Workshops Or Home Study Courses That Are SO GOOD The Market Can’t Ignore You


The Lost Art of Behavioural Modeling & Artful Skill Acquisition

Using NLP In Business

Discover Real Secrets To Using NLP In Busines That 99.9% Of NLPers Will Never Know That Will Set You Apart From The Rest

Business Breakthrough

An Uncommon Guide To Problem Solving, Leading & Managing With NLP

How To Navigate A Crisis

Discover how to navigate a crisis, eliminate fear, lead with confidence, and thrive in uncertainty...

Question Lab

Discover how to ask great questions, consistently and predictably that get results...

Platinum Audio News Club

Discover The Real Secrets Of NLP And How To Transform Yourself Into A Skillful, Persuasive, and Highly Capable NLPer

Taming That Cheeky Monkey Mind

Discover How To Develop Mindfulness In As Little As 5 Minutes A Day Using Simple Practices That Can Be Done Anywhere

Emotional Mastery

Finally Revealed Many Of The Most Effective Techniques To Master Your Emotions So You Can Create More Success In Life

Master Strategies Of Motivation

Discover How To Use The Tech To Motivate Yourself And Stay Motivated So You Can Change Your Life Forever

Enhanced Sensory Acuity

Discover the key skills to greatly enhance your perceptive powers that are used by elite trainers & expert communicators

Getting Unstuck

Discover Powerful Strategies For Getting Unstuck & For Overcoming Everyday Problems...

Coaching Secrets

Discover The Strategies On How To BECOME A High Performance Coach In Demand With Clients...

From Wish To Fulfillment

Discover The Little Known NLP Skill That Elite Coaches & Consultants Use To Create Breakthroughs for Clients...

How To Build And Maintain Generalisation

Deprogram Limiting 'Game Rules' Exerting A Screeching BREAK On Your Potential & Learn How To Change Behaviours

Radical Confidence

Discover How To Get Beyond Your Confidence Issues Fast & Eliminate Confidence Problems Forever

Advanced Language Patterns

Learn Truly Advanced NLP Language Techniques That Go WAY Beyond Yes Sets, Embedded Commands & Stacked Presuppositions

Get Magical With Metaphors

Discover One Of The MOST VALUABLE STRATEGIES For Creating Change And Influencing Others Unconsciously

Become A Brilliant Storyteller

Learn The Skills To Become A Magical Storyteller, As Michael Breen Takes You On A Journey Into The Heart of Storytelling

Mastering Conversational Change

Discover The Secrets To Mastering Conversational Change Using NLP... So You Can Easily Create Elegant, Effortless Change

Conversational Trance

Master Hypnotist Reveals A Step-By-Step Process For How To Create Conversational Trance Anytime, Anywhere

Unconscious Installation

Discover How It Works And What Patterns Underpin The Entire Process In This Unique And One Of A Kind Masterclass

The Art & Skills Of Nested Storytelling

Discover The Strategies & Skills For Doing Nested Loops & Nested Story Telling Used By The Masterful Storytellers

Start Up CTC [Gradaute]

This is for people who have already graduated from Start Up CTC Accelerator Home Study Course

PANC Graduate Access

A Virtual Apprenticeship In NLP

HPC Q&A Episodes - Free Video Training

HPC Q&A Episodes - Free Video Training

Greenlight Your Goals

Discover a BETTER way to achieve your goals consistently and predictably...

Advanced Storytelling

Ready to take your storytelling to an elite level? For the first time ever you'll learn the advanced storytelling skills

Upgrade: Develop A Mind Of A Master

Discover how to make your mind move fluidly like a master... So you can think well and solve problems with real power.

Breaking The Spell of Language

The Quick & Easy Way To Learn The Meta Model in 60 Minutes

Breakthrough Beliefs

Discover the definitive, step-by-step system for eliminating unhelpful limiting beliefs from your life.


Discover how to take control of your mind, make better decisions & eliminate destructive programming…

Build The Future Now

Discover how to create compelling goal states that motivate.

High Performance Coaching Accelerator

Work with higher profile clients (CEO’s, executives and high achievers), grow your practice and earn much larger fees…

Start-Up CTC

Learn all the key business-building skills you need to start and build successful coaching, training or consultancy....

Propulsion Systems

Propulsion Systems

Mastering NLP Strategies

Bridge The Gap - Learn How To Master NLP Strategies

Become An Affiliate

Become an affiliate and earn 23% commission for referring your friends to us.

PANC - Hongjun Lu

Discover The Real Secrets Of NLP And How To Transform Yourself Into A Skillful, Persuasive, and Highly Capable NLPer

You Can Make It Happen

You Can Make It Happen

Transformational Storytelling

Transforamtional Storytelling for Coaches

Influence & Impact

Influence and Impact

Game Rules

Game Rules